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What Meal Plans are Best to Lose Weight

16 Jul 2020
What Meal Plans are Best to Lose Weight

Losing weight feels like a distant possibility for many people. And while this may not be easy to achieve in your daily life, it barely seems like a reachable goal during days of lockdown where there is minimal productivity, working from home, binge eating, and easy access to fast foods. According to new research done by the Cambridge Weight Plan, almost half of the British people have gained weight, as compared to the previous year.

While you might satiate your hunger right now by eating easy and quick junk food, it would do irreparable damage to you. As the saying goes “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.”

What you should have done instead, is to plan your day in advance. If you have a meal plan to lose weight which is designed to provide a balanced nutritional diet, you can definitely lose weight, and Reuben’s weight loss meal plan is one of a kind.

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Suggestions for Food Intake to Lose Weight

Here are a few suggestions that might help you lose weight.

1. Include a lot of water. Drinking water not only builds your metabolism but also helps the digestion process, keeps your stomach full and your skin glowing most of the time. Our body is 70% water, why deprive it of its biggest asset? Water also prevents bloating as suggested by various nutritionists. A win-win situation for all days. It is important to look at the kind of food items that help you reduce bloating, and work well for your metabolism. 

2. Make sure to have loads and loads of fruits and vegetables in your diets. Dieticians recommend fruits and vegetables, especially greens to help one lose weight. These fruits won’t just add a lot of colors to your plate, but also to your life. 

3. Avoid carbohydrates, fat, and alcohol intake. They make you gain weight faster. Surround yourself with healthy indulgences. Always keep a bowl of dry fruits and edible seeds around you. They’ll satiate your hunger, keep you fit, and would never make you gain weight.

4. Make sure your diet has a healthy mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, iron, vitamins, and minerals. Having a healthy diet doesn’t mean missing out on a certain aspect of meals, it just means having everything in the right quantity that is having a healthy balanced diet.

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Why choose Reuben’s Meal Plans for Weight Loss

There are various groups, communities, and food joints that deliver good diet plans in Northern Ireland and throughout the UK. To reduce the gap in the market for quality, convenient & healthy meals, Reuben’s launched meal plans which are fresh, healthy, made from local produce and are conveniently delivered to your doorstep. 

At Reuben’s, our delivered diet plans include meal schedules that suit your bodily requirements, personal tastes, and health necessities. Not only do they help in losing weight, but also provide you with an all garnished scrumptious meal, easily accessible, thus helping you avoid the struggle of planned cooking. Now picture this scenario. You’re working and hear your stomach growling for food. You, as usual, neither have the time to cook nor the convenience to do so. Your fridge has a lot of junk and calories, your cupboards are full of biscuits, crisps, aerated drinks, and chocolates. However, because you were good with planning your meal, and weren’t afraid to ask for help, you have a ready to eat planned diet food available to you. You simply pick up the Reuben’s meal for weight loss delivered to you, you pick up your bottle of water (remember the importance of water) and get back to work, munching harmlessly delicious food. No more guilt or shame of binging, no more fat, and no more ill-effects to your health. All you have is a happy body, a healthy stomach, glowing skin, and thick hair. Everyone’s happy.

You have two meal plans to choose from: Reuben’s monthly weight loss plan and Reuben’s weekly weight loss plan.

How does Reuben’s Meal Plan work?

  • First of all, you choose a plan and depending on that you are suggested your weight loss meal plan. It consists of having 1, 2, or 3 meals per day for 5 to 6 days per week.
  • Our meal plan options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will consist of approximately 1300 calories per day of fresh, convenient gourmet meals.
  • Our breakfast meal is around 250 and 300 calories whereas lunch and dinner meals are around 450 to 550 calories (per meal). The meals that we provide are rich in proteins and fibers. They satisfy you with what you are eating and also cut down your calorie intake.

That said, no one denies the power of a good workout. While your food works as a fuel, you still need to keep the engine running. Practice yoga, gym, running, or other forms of workouts. 

If you are still too occupied to do all this, don’t worry. No more rushing for work with a piece of bread in your mouth. If you do not have time to prepare weight loss meals for yourself, we will get freshly prepared healthy meals delivered to you anywhere in Ireland.

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