MONTHLY Weight Loss Meal Plan (10% Off)

Title: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner x6 days
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Are you looking forward to losing weight, looking slimmer and feeling fitter and more energetic?  Do you want your body to feel much better like never before? Begin to hit your weight loss goals today with our monthly weight loss meal plan and get success in losing weight with ease

How does Reuben’s meal plan work?

Our Monthly weight loss meal plan works in the following way:

  • Depending upon which package you choose, we suggest your weight loss meal plan for 5 to 6 days per week consisting of having 1, 2, or 3 meals per day and this continues throughout the whole month, hasslefree.
  • Our meal package option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will consist of approximately 1300 calories per day of fresh, convenient gourmet meals.
  • Our breakfast meal is somewhere between 250 and 300 calories, Lunch and Dinner meals are between 450 to 550 calories (per meal). All our meals include proteins and fibers so as to make you feel satisfied with what you eat cutting your calories at the same time.


5 Days Weight Loss Lunch and Dinner Meal Plan

6 Days Weight Loss Lunch and Dinner Meal Plan

How monthly weight loss meal plans benefit you?

Whenever we talk about weight loss, the first thing that people generally suggest is a diet that is a weight loss meal plan. Yes, a disciplined and healthy diet is essential for weight loss alongside an exercise plan. And we provide you with the meal plan delivery of freshly prepared locally sourced produce.

Following the meals that we plan and prepare for you, you can be assured of losing weight, feeling healthier, and getting into the shape that you have always dreamed about.

With our meal plans, your overall lifestyle will be changed to a healthier one. Not to forget, that losing weight through our plans and getting back into shape can help in lowering the risk of many diseases like joint pain, diabetes, low blood pressure, heart attack, etc. and your cholesterol may also show an improved level.

You can get all this now at 10% off. What more can you ask for! Don’t wait to take the next step, take action today. 

Reuben's Gourmet Meal Co. delivers fresh, healthy, and nutritious meal plans right at your doorsteps. With all the other responsibilities, meal preparation can be a real hassle. At this time, the doorstep delivery of a healthy meal is like icing on the cake. Meal delivery would save a lot of your time and energy. If you are a health-conscious person, keeping a count of every calorie, but do not have time to cook then this is the right place to get a meal delivered to you. Get yourself a guilt-free meal home delivered anywhere in Northern Ireland and Dublin. These meal plans delivered to you will surely suit your budget.

We deliver meal plans across Northern Ireland including Belfast, Omagh, and Ballymena. Apart from Northern Ireland, we also deliver meals in Dublin. All you need to do is pre-book your meal plan online and then we will be at your service to prepare it and deliver it fresh to your place.

To ensure that you receive your Meals at their freshest, we prepare and deliver each plan in 2 batches every week.

Delivery times and days are:

Greater Belfast and Lisburn area:
Delivery 1 - Sunday 12pm - 6pm
Delivery 2 - Wednesday 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Rest of Northern Ireland
Delivery 1 - Monday 9am - 5pm
Delivery 2 - Thursday 9am - 5pm

MONTHLY Weight Loss Meal Plan (10% Off)

MONTHLY Weight Loss Meal Plan (10% Off)


MONTHLY Weight Loss Meal Plan (10% Off)

Title: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner x6 days

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