6 Days Weight Loss Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan

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When we talk about weight loss, the most impactful way is the hassle-free weight loss meal plans. Starting with our 6 day weight loss plan and gradually making it a lifetime habit can really help you stay healthy.

We provide you with a 6 day Lunch and Dinner meal plan guide which is very easy to follow. So what you get is a 6-day weight loss plan that is full of delicious food for lunch, and dinner. And what more at Reuben’s, we also provide meal plan delivery right to your doorsteps.

What do you get in 6 Days Weight Loss Lunch and Dinner Meal Plan?

  • Lunch meals are usually between 450-550 calories.
  • Dinner meals are between 450-550 calories per meal with 40g protein per meal.

How can Reuben’s weight loss meal plan for 6 days help you?

Weight loss and maintaining weight, in the long run, requires one to choose healthy food. If you follow the routine as per Reuben's meal plan, you will surely see a good result and will notice the difference in yourself. Gradually, after a period of time, you would have improved health and a fitter body. 

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To ensure that you receive your Meals at their freshest, we prepare and deliver each plan in 2 batches every week.

Delivery times and days are:

Greater Belfast and Lisburn area:
Delivery 1 - Sunday 12pm - 6pm
Delivery 2 - Wednesday 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Rest of Northern Ireland
Delivery 1 - Monday 9am - 5pm
Delivery 2 - Thursday 9am - 5pm

6 Days Weight Loss Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan

6 Days Weight Loss Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan


6 Days Weight Loss Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan


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