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How To Meal-Prep a Week for Muscle Gain

05 Oct 2020
How To Meal-Prep a Week for Muscle Gain

Whether you are someone who wants to lose body fat and build your body structure or someone who simply wants to gain weight without affecting your health, focusing on building muscle mass is very important. One way to do that is to workout regularly with the help of exercises designed for the purpose of building and strengthening muscle mass. But, is it really enough to get the desired results?

Nutrition plays a very important role in any kind of training. Surely, working out and doing the right exercises regularly will help you gain muscle mass. But, if you really want to optimise the process of building your muscles, you might want to spare some amount of your time watching what you eat. This may seem very obvious and easy when your goal is to gain weight. However, meal prepping to build muscle mass is slightly more complex than that. When your goal is muscle gain, eating just about anything and everything will not help you. In fact, mindless eating can hamper your health by increasing the risk of overeating and unhealthy food intake and consequently leading to an unhealthy rise in body fat instead of actual muscle gain. In order to avoid this, it is very important to ensure that the food you’re eating is healthy and balanced and contains all the nutrients that are necessary for muscle gain. A very important tool that can help you make sure your daily diet has everything you need for efficient muscle gain is meal planning.

What are Meal Plans and How do They Help in Muscle Gain?

As the name suggests, a meal plan is simply a pre-planned, organised, and detailed list of the contents of all your meals for the day or week, including snacks. Meal planning is a very effective tool when it comes to strategizing your food intake, irrespective of your goal. Meal plans vary depending on what your goal is. Meal plans may also vary from person to person depending on dietary needs. For instance, meal prep for gaining muscle and meal plans for weight loss will be very different from one another. So, a person whose goal is muscle building will specifically be interested in meal plans for muscle gain. There are many different meal plans available where the primary focus is muscle gain. You may either opt for a pre-designed meal plan or design one for yourself. In order to choose or design a meal plan that is perfect for you and your goal, you need to know what food fits well with your goal and what does not.

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Foods for Muscle Gain: What to Include and What to Avoid?

For building muscles, you need to make sure your diet contains all the necessary nutrients in the right amounts suited to your dietary needs, and depending upon the bulking and cutting phases. Some of the best foods to consider in your meal plan when it comes to building muscles include:

·  Meat and Fish

·  Fruits and Vegetables

·  Nuts

·  Dairy

·  Cereal and Oatmeal

Apart from these, it is important to remember food rich in protein and starch can be especially effective for muscle gain.

Once you understand what foods are good for you and your goal, it is equally important to know what foods to cut back on so that you can successfully gain muscle mass without hampering your health. Foods to avoid when building muscle mass mainly includes:

·  Alcohol

·  Fried and Junk Food

·  Food containing added sugar, like carbonated drinks.

·  Food containing high-fat (trans and saturated fat)

In addition to these, it can be very beneficial to limit the amount of sugar intake, in general. Limiting high-fiber foods can also make the process of muscle gain easier.

What Is The Best Meal Plan to Gain Muscle?

As mentioned earlier, the best meal prep to gain muscle will depend upon your dietary and nutritional requirements. However, if you’re looking for a more fitness foods in meal planning, there are numerous meal plans for muscle gain out there.

Protein is the main nutrient that is required by your body for gaining muscles, This is the reason that a high-protein meal plan is considered most appropriate in this case. Meal plans having protein-rich food can help you increase the mass of your muscles.

Meal Plan Delivery: How to Make Meal Prep Easier?

Once you have your meal plan ready, your next step is to actually prepare your meals. As simple as it sounds, best meal prep to gain muscle can come with quite a few challenges, especially in the matter of time management. There are quite a few additional tasks associated with meal planning like shopping for ingredients for your meals, making sure you have the right amount of ingredients, counting calories, preparing and cooking your meals. All these tasks can cause an unnecessary hassle in your time management strategy, especially if you lead a comparatively busy life. But, don’t worry. This is where meal plan delivery services can help make the process of meal planning easier for you by reducing your load.

Reubens Gourmet Meal Plan delivery service delivers healthy food to you based on your preferences so that you don’t have to miss out on fitness food because of your busy schedule. You would not have to spend long hours in the kitchen or go for grocery shopping. These meal plans are full of nutrition, delicious, can be customised, and are very affordable. Our qualified nutritionists will help you with the best meal plan as per your needs. All that we want from you is your preferences, your goal, and food restrictions if any. Our meal plans will help you to achieve your goal of fitness and gaining muscles. Many people have been enjoying the meal plans we offer and so don’t be left behind in getting the benefits out of them yourself.

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