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Best meal replacement Diet options for weight loss

07 Mar 2021
meal replacement plans

When you are hungry and, in a rush, and don’t have time to cook up a healthy meal, what are you supposed to do? Dropping by a fast food joint is not the best answer to the question as it will not do any good to you. It will contribute to your body weight, and sooner or later, you will regret the dietary choices you have made. So, if you are trying to lose some weight lately, you will have to ditch the fast food, no matter how tempting it looks, and embrace healthier meal replacement diets.

Which meal replacement diet is the best?

The perfect meal replacement diet would consist of all the nutrition your body needs in a single package. These are created to supply nutrients and vitamins of a full meal course to your body in the form of a shake or a bar. Meal replacement diet options come in the form of energy bars and flavored shakes. The best meal replacement diet would be the one that can offer you all the three macronutrients, fats, carbs, and sugar while keeping your weight in check. It should be packed with fibers to keep you full for at least 4 hours or more without causing any symptoms of bloating. In case you only want to intake plant-based food that will not contain any traces of nuts or dairy, you can look for specific meal options with a low-calorie count. The best meal replacement shake would be DFA approved and feature several certificates to ensure that they are manufactured in a safe environment and do not contain any steroids.

Is meal replacement bad for you?

Contrary to the rumor, a meal replacement food is not detrimental to your health at all. Anyone can use meal replacements because they offer convenience and health benefits. If you have struggled hard to lose weight because you cannot cut calories, then a meal replacement diet is suitable. With the alarming rise in diabetic patients, these meal replacement options have become a proven non-medical solution. Even diabetics are prescribed to replace some of their natural meals with meal replacement options to keep their daily sugar intake checked. So, no, meal replacement is not bad for you, and you can have them whenever you feel like to save the time of cooking and lose weight without depriving your body of nutrients. However, before purchasing a meal replacement bar or shake, you should check whether it has enough fats, proteins, carbs, and fibers in stock. Even though meal replacement options will fuel your energy and make you healthier and fitter, it is not recommended to replace every meal with meal replacement options for a prolonged period.

Why should you choose a meal replacement diet?

There might be several reasons you want a meal replacement diet instead of going for a regular meal. You might always be in a hurry, and thus you want to have a healthy and hearty meal without cooking it. Or, you are having a hard time checking the calorie intake to lose some pounds. Regardless of the reasons you have for choosing a meal replacement shake, here are some of the benefits you will start noticing:

Consists of all essential nutrients

Meal replacement diets are made to replace the meals you can take for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has become a massive hit among fitness enthusiasts because it is made with the wholesome goodness of protein, fibers, essential vitamins like Vitamin D, and minerals like calcium, potassium, etc. Thus, you would be able to fulfill the nutritional needs of your body without gaining any extra weight. Here is how to get can get perfect nutrition with meal plans.

Reducing sweet cravings

If you cannot control yourself from having a couple of cupcakes every day, then you can satiate your taste buds by luring them with a meal replacement bar. These bars and shakes come in various flavors like chocolate and strawberry, and thus, you can have them instead of the sugar-packed desserts. Skipping a meal after having a dessert is not a suitable option either because your sugar levels can fluctuate abnormally. Since these meal replacement foods are packed with proteins, you will not have cravings for any snacks and cakes long after having them.

Reducing weight

The most prominent and talked-about benefit of meal replacement diets is that they can help shed a few pounds. While you can lose weight even by working out regularly and ditching junk foods, when you will incorporate meal replacement diets in your life, the weight loss process will get faster. Since you would feel satiated even after 4 hours of having these shakes, you would not feel like binge-eating anymore. Nonetheless, to say, it will keep you focused, and you will be able to reach your target weight without crying in frustration!

Do meal replacement diets work?

You should not doubt the effectiveness of meal replacement diets anymore now that it has been scientifically proven in multiple health experiments. Usually, a meal replacement diet such as shakes, bars, and even cookies can substitute one or two major meals. So, after you consume one meal of your choice consisting of healthy natural foods, you can have these as the next meal to ensure that you don’t feel hunger pangs even during snack time. For best results, you should exercise 30 minutes daily and drink plenty of water.

Is meal replacement suitable for weight loss?

When you try losing weight the traditional way, you might lose all your dedication once you feel hungry, which is quite apparent. However, if you choose a meal replacement shake as your weight loss partner, then you would not even feel hungry enough even while cutting calories. Most people can also stick to meal replacement meals to lose weight faster because it is super easy to follow. You can even consider taking meal replacement bars after reaching your target weight for weight maintenance.

Losing weight with the help of a meal replacement diet is super easy as this would not even seem like a strict diet. Reuben’s Gourmet Meal Plans offer you a wide variety of meal plans that can be delivered at your doorsteps anywhere in Ireland. Just three steps to be followed: choose your plan, order it and it will be delivered to you.  In no time, you would be able to bid bye to the stubborn weight without depriving your body of essential macronutrients and vitamins.

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