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Benefits of Home Cooked Meals Delivered in Northern Ireland

12 Oct 2021
Benefits of Home Cooked Meals Delivered in Northern Ireland


Many people appreciate the goodness and quality of home-prepared meals since it guarantees you healthier eating. However, cooking at home might also be time-consuming and tasking for some people; therefore, they opt to order home-cooked food other than preparing it themselves. Home-cooked food is well prepared from scratch without many inorganic additives that you might find in junk food. It is considered healthier and tasty since the person preparing it has the discretion to prepare it to their specifications, thus maintaining a balanced diet that might be difficult to get when ordering fast foods.

Benefits of Home Cooked Meals Delivered in Ireland

Many benefits are associated with home-cooked foods, such as healthy meals, with well-balanced nutrition value. Equally, some benefits accrue from the financial aspect of preparing the meals and the health aspect. Below are some of the benefits that we gain from home-cooked meals.

They are Easy to Prepare and Cost Less

Most of the home-cooked dishes are easy to prepare. They take less time to cook and put together a meal at a low cost. Since they require few ingredients which are locally sourced, thus making it is a cheap and fast process to prepare home-cooked meals.

Health Benefits 

Home-cooked food is healthy compared to fast foods. It helps one to maintain good health and avoid lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and blood pressure that emanate from eating unhealthy meals with high calories. 

What is the Best Home-Cooked Meal? 

There is no specific meal that is good than the other since all meals have different benefits to our bodies. However, the best homed cooked meal should be cheap, well balanced, tasty, and easy to prepare. Almost anyone can prepare it with ease, and it also has to have a combination of nutrition benefits that supersedes other meals.

 If a meal is well balanced and helps you gain numerous minerals and vitamins, it might be considered the best home-cooked meal. The standards mentioned above must be met for the meal to be categorised as the best home-cooked meal.

What is the average cost of a Home Cooked Meal?

 Generally, you can evaluate meal budgets according to the portions prepared and the ingredients used, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The annual average cost of food in a household in the UK was approximately £4,805 in 2019. Including the cost of non-alcoholic beverages. Correspondingly the weekly average food price was £92, a margin of 1 % higher than the previous year. 

However, the word average might be relative because what seems average to one person might be higher than average to another. According to the above-sampled statistics from typical UK households, they represent how many homes in the UK spend on meals.

Easy Home Cooked Meals in Northern Island

Now and then, the same English cuisines appear on the UK’s favourite food bucket list. Notably, most of them are not fancy but comfort food recipes. They are easy to prepare and influenced by other cuisines’. Therefore, the foods in the recipes indicate how the UK has incorporated and absorbed flavours from around the globe. Below are several easy home-cooked meals that are most liked by any typical UK household.

  • Walk into any household in the UK, and you will be amazed by their appetite for curry, and not just curry but good curry. The cuisine was introduced in the UK by the Asia ethnic communities living in the UK. Many citizens have since embraced it as a favourite meal. 
  • Additionally, fish and chips are considered a staple food in the UK and were introduced by the Portuguese and Spanish Jews; since then, the dish has been generally accepted throughout the UK. To the extent that it is ascribed to as a typical English meal.
  • Similarly, Bangers and mash are many family’s favourite meals in the UK; it is prepared from sausages, butter, milk, and potatoes with onion gravy on the side. Equally important is that it is well balanced and easy to prepare, it is also cheap with a low friendly budget. 
  • Spaghetti Bolognese- Though the dish is Italian, it is widely appreciated and enjoyed in the UK. It is prepared from long pasta and ragout meat, thus making it a whole meal that fills you up to the brim. Then again, it is cheap to prepare with a low-cost budget yet a fancy meal. 
  • Another meal that graces the meal table in many UK households is stew and dumplings. The delicious dumplings and beef stew is the commonly preferred food during winter in Ireland and Britain. It is prepared from suet; the dish is primarily caloric, however so tasty and sumptuous. Its ingredients include beef stew and vegetables, brandy, and stock, the best source for soft fluffy dumplings.
  • Furthermore, the Fish pie is an easy meal to prepare and requires a low pocket-friendly budget. It is prepared from fish scraps, butter, milk, potatoes, fish stocks, and seasoning ingredients. Similarly, it also cooks fast within an hour your meal is usually ready to be served.
  • Lastly, the shepherd’s pie is also a popular meal in the UK. It is prepared from ground lamb, mashed creamy potatoes, and mushrooms is an inexpensive and easy meal to prepare and are commonly considered as a comfort meal. 


In conclusion, home-cooked meals have many benefits compared to fast foods. They assure you of quality healthy dishes, hence providing healthy living standards that protect you from lifestyle diseases that come from eating junk food. Similarly, home-cooked foods are easy to prepare and also inexpensive compared to fast foods. Therefore, many lives are being lost due to lifestyle diseases such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and coronary diseases. People should embrace the ordering of home-cooked food instead of eating fast foods since they could avoid such fatalities if they choose to eat healthy meals.

At Reuben’s Gourmet Meal Co., a Belfast based company, healthy and nutritious meal plans are delivered anywhere in Northern Island right at your doorstep. Every meal plan delivery comes at a different price depending on the portion of the meal.

Our dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients. Moreover, we offer a wide range of menu choices, which gives you an extensive selection of meals to choose from. On the same note, we ensure that our dishes are fresh when delivered. Markedly we provide daily, weekly, and monthly pocket-friendly meal preps. Therefore, place your order today and save your time for other things.

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