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Slimming Meal Plans for 2022 - 1000 Calories a Day

06 Feb 2022
Slimming Meal Plans for 2022 - 1000 Calories a Day

In this post, we will find details about meal plans 1000 calories a day!

“Get Weight loss in a week or 10 days”

You might have seen this kind of advertisement to be slim faster!

Unfortunately, you get attracted to it because you want a solution for your overweight. But, wait!

Make sure to know the concept, benefits, and cons of a weight loss plan before following any. After all, it is a matter of your health!

Are you working on your body for weight loss?

Whether shedding some pounds from your body is your New Year’s resolution?

Do you not have time or are not satisfied enough with your current workout regimen to cut body weight?

Are you in search of an effective weight loss diet plan?

If your answer to any of the above queries is a yes, you should consider a 1000 calorie diet per day.

Does it work?

Many people say these kinds of eating regimens to shed bodyweight in a short time are risky!

Yes, it is a fact that you will not achieve sustained weight loss or might face undesirable effects by adopting an extreme diet. Something that can ask you to lose weight within a few days!

So, to be safe and ensure great results! You must follow a balanced diet to gradually decrease the weight of your body for a long time. Thus, you could go with a 1000 calorie diet!

How to Decide Weight Loss Meal Plans?

The main reason, why weight adds to our body unintentionally is the calorie imbalance. The number of calories we intake on daily basis goes higher than the calorie that we burn. So due to this misbalance, our body needs to handle more weight than it should be!

It depends on an individual’s body about how it responds to the change in diet. If we can control our diet intake as per our daily routine and work out to burn the calories, sure we can logically control our body weight!

For example, 1000 calories a day, weight loss meal plan!

As per this diet plan, you need to restrict your eating to 1000 calories in a day. Some experts say it might be dangerous! It is because an average male adult needs 2400-3200 calories a day while a female requires 1800-2400 calories per day.

These are the metrics from the 2020-2025 dietary guidelines published for Americans. However, it varies from person to person depending on their activity level, height, biological sex, genetics, and weight.

Is it a wise decision to leave a 1000 calorie diet plan?

No, you can follow it by taking certain precautionary steps so that it won’t affect your health and overall wellbeing!

Hence, for safety, you need to eat nutrient-dense but low-calorie foods. In this way, you will never face the problem of nutrient deficiencies and lessen the probability of hanger pangs.

You should include lean protein sources and plenty of vegetables & fruits in your diet. It will help you feel full without any shortage of nutrients necessary for your body.

Meal Plans 1000 Calories: What Foods to Include?

Following are the examples of a 1000 calorie diet food recommendations that you can include in your 1000 calories diet plan;

- Peas, Tomato, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Leafy Greens;

- Apples, Cucumber, Berries, Carrots;

- Zucchini, Eggplant;

- Seafood, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, and Eggs.

You should refrain from including the below ingredients to prepare your food or platter. The aim here is to avoid including too many calories in your daily diet;

- Desserts, Cream, Cheese;

- Pizza, Syrup;

- Oil, Butter.

Water is calorie-free, so you can drink as much as possible to stay hydrated always. Here are some more tips to include in your fast weight loss diet plan;

- Use low Glycemic Index (GI) foods in your diets like whole grains, brown basmati rice, and fruits like berries and apples.

- You could perform Cardio (if possible)! Otherwise, prefer low-energy workouts like walks to burn calories faster, and hence body weight will also go down.

- Avoid both Bad and Good fats possible to include in your diet, at least not more than 20% of good fats to get some calories from them.

- You need to take care of your protein intake to avoid muscle loss.

Weight Loss Meal Plans: A Sample for a Day

What does 1000 calories look like? Here is a sample Menu of the Day to consume 1000 calories a day with other nutrients;

For Drinks (you may intake the whole day): Diet Coke, Water, Black Tea or/and No sugar Coffee.

For Snacks: As a refreshment snack in the morning time, you could use about 100g pot of fruit yoghurt with minimum fat. Similarly, if you feel hungry in the afternoon, you can intake low-fat crisps not more than 30 grams. ‘Or’

Berries with Greek Yogurt (70g blueberries and 200g Greek yoghurt = 180 calories) ‘Or’

Energy balls (106 calories per portion) ‘Or’

Peanut Butter and Apple (2 tbsp peanut butter, and a small apple = 267 calories) ‘Or’

Hummus and Carrots (2 tbsp hummus, and 1 medium carrot = 100 calories).

Breakfast: One glass or around 200 ml of Fruit juice with a small Sandwich made using 2 whole-meal bread slices and a small Banana. ‘Or’ Raspberries with Overnight oats (196 calories per portion) ‘Or’ Omelet of Egg white and black pepper (91 calories per portion).

Lunch: Salad is a must with spring onion (10g), yellow or red sweet peppers (50g), and lettuce (50g). You can eat 45 grams of wholemeal roll filled with reduced-calorie mayonnaise (10g) and tuna (70 grams canned in brine). ‘Or’

Toast with Homemade beans (382 calories per portion). ‘Or’

Chicken noodle soup (287 calories per portion).

Evening: You can take a hot chocolate drink of low calories made using water and powder.

Dinner: Boiled carrots (50 grams), Boiled or Steamed Broccoli (60 grams), No skin Roast Chicken breast (70 grams). As well as Granules gravy (100 ml), and Semi-skimmed milk (30ml) with Mashed potatoes (80 grams). ‘Or’

Rice and Lemon chicken stir fry (204 calories per portion), ‘Or’

Pepper pulled pork with spices (290 calories per portion).

For more ideas or help, you can prefer meal plan delivery in Dublin!

How to do it safely?

As per UK Health Department, people should follow a meal plan that can shed not more than 1-2 pounds a week. It applies to both men and women! Care is a must while following this plan since you are eating less than the suggested calorie threshold by health officials for adults. You can take the help of online calorie counters to get accurate nutrient data about each food you intake.

Less calorie intake means lessening the energy that your body could burn! You need to be careful while following this plan. Use it for the long term since after leaving the diet plan, many people can’t retain their body weight or have chances of weight regain. It is due to increased appetite and regaining lost muscle mass. You need to avoid engaging yourself in a caloric surplus. It could happen when you eat more than required for your body's functioning.

As per NHS, low-calorie diets are preferable for people who;

- are facing obesity,

- want to go through fertility treatments or any surgery,

- manage diabetes or other health conditions, and

- possess BMI in the range of 30-40.

Try not to follow the 1000 calories plan for more than three months. After this, you could follow other health-friendly weight loss practices with a normal diet (with needed calories)!


Do not abide by the weight loss regimens that lack scientific support. The time it needs to lose bodyweight safely is more than what it needs for piling up. A safe approach for a weight loss diet is to not reduce the calorie intake all of a sudden that can badly affect your body. You can prefer a 1000 calorie diet with some precautions and the right choice of food to avoid drastic changes in your body! The food you take should be nutritionally complete. You must follow all these under the guidance of a health professional or preferably a dietitian!

At Reuben’s Gourmet Meal Co., we offer various meal plans for weight loss that can be delivered to you at your doorsteps anywhere in Northern Ireland and Dublin. These meal plans are freshly made considering health and nutrition. So, while you sit back and relax or engage yourself in your work, avail our meal plan delivery in Dublin or Northern Ireland. Check out our meal plans here.

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