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Fuel your family using Reuben’s healthy meal plans

15 Jun 2020
5 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan

Meal prep delivery services are becoming immensely more popular these days, because of the fast-paced lifestyle and increasing dependence on packaged and frozen food. Our meal plans are preferred by customers who don’t have enough time to cook or those who are conscious about their health. Our service allows you to focus on the more important activities, while your meals are delivered to your home or office. Our plans range from breakfast to dinner and include snacks.

The healthiest meals a family can prepare are those that include fresh vegetables and protein, that provide all the essential nutrients required to function. It may prove difficult to prepare balanced meals at home, therefore our meal plan service is here to make your life easier. Another benefit of this is that they can be incorporated into a group plan that will allow the entire family to get together and enjoy their favourite meals.

Our Belfast meal plans are beneficial to everyone, as they include:

Fresh and Organic Produce– All our recipies cooked with locally produced ingredients with no preservatives. Our meals include fresh fruit and vegetables, locally sourced meat and fish, and home-made healthy alternative sauces and dressings. Also, we use eco-friendly and recyclable containers to ensure our service remains sustainable for the environment.

Weight Management– Our meal plans are specifically designed to help you with your weight loss goals. If your goal is weight loss, you can still enjoy tasty, nutritious alternatives to your favourite dishes that are low in calories and still keep hunger at bay. On the other hand, if you are a fitness enthusiast and trying to gain or maintain a certain weight, we have you covered. We also provide a weight gain/maintenance range with higher calories to help you reach your goals easily.

Nutrition Education- All our meal plans are macro-tracked with a breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates which are calculated by a qualified nutritionist. This will help you understand portion size, and will make you aware of better food choices. Over time you will find it easy to create your own healthy meal in relation to your weight, age and height. Our meals can also be tracked using popular fitness app MyFitnessPal.

Benefits for Parents – Meal plans are a great resource for parents to introduce new dishes to children. Using our meal plan service, parents who have taken on extra responsibilities can ensure that they are providing their family with healthy, balanced meals.

Benefits for Children– We all know the damaging effects of childhood obesity on our children’s physical and mental well-being. Childhood obesity is one of the leading causes of health conditions for children. With proper education and guidance, children ca learn to take care of themselves and eat healthy when their parents are not around. This is why, along with Reuben’s gourmet meal plans for parents, we can provide meals that are specifically prepared for children. This includes the packaging of children’s meals so that it is more appealing than junk food.

Less Wastage- With busy parents working long hours, this often leaves little time to cook, resulting in perishable items at home being wasted. On average,£2000 worth of food gets thrown away by a single family each year. Meal plan services can help to reduce this wastage. As all the cooking and preparation for our meals is taken care of by professional chefs in our kitchen, there is no need to stock your fridge with items that may be wasted. Reuben’s Gourmet Meal Plan based in Belfast provides you with delicious menus at an affordable price. By using our service, you can rest assured that the meals you will receive are of the highest quality. It will enable you to accomplish your fitness goals, and be more convenient for you, and your family. If you are interested in learning more about what our Gourmet Meal Plans, produced by our team of professional chefs can offer you and your family – get in touch.

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