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12 Nov 2021
office meal plans helathy

How many of you have stared in their refrigerator or kitchen cupboard and wondered what you would be eating next? What if you're tired, out of ideas, and may not have the ingredients you need to prepare a healthy, complete meal? Choosing a restaurant or take-out dinner and ready-to-assemble boxed foods becomes much more manageable at times like these. The problem is that plenty of selections may contain excessive amounts of cholesterol, salts, and sugary foods. They could be lacking in nutrients that your body requires.

While social media may give the idea that most people were enjoying baking cornbread or mastering a new dialect at home, the truth is that some of us were trying to get it through yet one more day of quarantine. We were looking for additional comfort foods to cope while saying goodbye to our typical habits due to suddenly working from home, school cancellations, stress, and a significant schedule change. Now, switching from working from home shenanigans to office work will prove to be a stressful transition. How will you go about meal planning amidst your busy work schedule? We will share a few tips to help you get through the hustle of planning your meals but first, let us see how meal plans work. What are the benefits of meal planning?

How do meal plans work? 

Meal prep is an easier way to help you achieve your objectives, whether losing weight or improving your diet. There are a variety of advantages in preparing your meals ahead of time to help you lose weight and improve your health.

When it comes to anything in life, you're planning to fail if you don't plan. Meal planning is no exception; preparing meals and snacks ahead of time increases the possibility of success and the likelihood of making a healthy food choice. So, what are the advantages of planning your meals?

Save money

All of us can concur - saving money is a goal we all want to achieve, and saving money on planning a meal is an excellent place to start. Meal planning comprises purchasing things in large quantities. This can save you a lot of money while avoiding dining out. Adhering to a grocery list also keeps you from making unplanned selections at the store.

Avoids food wastage

When it comes to meal prep, then you really must go to the store with a budget and know exactly how much of each item will be used. If everything in your fridge serves a purpose, you won't be worried about food wastage. Taking the time to prepare the meals for the upcoming week ahead is well worth the effort if you're cooking for your whole family or just yourself. The key is to take out a bit of time every week to devote to it.

You eat healthy meals

You're more likely to eat whatever you can get your hands on when your blood sugar decreases and you're famished. This is why some of us revert to dining at the local fast-food joint with a menu full of harmful options. When you have a healthy balanced diet at your fingertips, loaded with nutrient-dense food prepped and ready to go, meal planning eliminates this problem.

Time saver

It's unpleasant to be famished and discover you've forgotten to prepare anything. You could have a healthy meal served quickly rather than deciding what to make while standing in front of your fridge or cupboard. This also prevents the necessity for cleaning up after preparing food.

Portion control

You'll be able to observe how much you're consuming if you plan your meals. This also stops you from overeating at restaurants, where portions are typically much more significant than you should be consuming.

Meal plans when working

Eat your main meal before going to work

This will keep you going for another 12 hours. If you work a night shift, eat your "big meal" between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. before leaving. Then, throughout the night, consume a modest supplemental meal and snacks. Eating a large dinner late at night might sometimes cause gastrointestinal problems.

Avoid sugary, spicy, fried, and fatty foods

All of these foods might make you feel lethargic and cause you to gain weight unnecessarily. Heartburn, indigestion, gas, and constipation get worse overnight when your digestive processes slow down.

Carry your snacks

Snacks will come in handy. Foods heavy in carbs, fat, and sugar are commonly found in cafeterias, vending machines, and 24-hour coffee shops. Protein-rich foods might help you stay alert and focused.

Regulate your caffeine intake and drink lots of water

1-2 cups of coffee can help you stay awake, but try to avoid it later in the shift so you can get some rest. Caffeine overuse has also been connected to depression and has been shown to interfere with serotonin synthesis (the "happiness" neurotransmitter). Drinking plenty of water keeps you awake, prevents dehydration and constipation, and makes you feel fuller.

Make friends with your crockpot and freezer

We don't always feel like cooking, especially when we're tired, stressed, or pressed for time. Set the crockpot before your shift to have a ready-to-eat supper when you get home. Make a habit of batch cooking and freezing leftovers for when you're in a pinch. Future, you will be eternally grateful to the past. It's all about establishing a climate where nutritious food is readily available and easy to select. It's always challenging to make a good choice when you don't have access to healthy food! Even the most motivated people cannot always succeed in such scenarios.


To conclude this, having healthy meal plans will go a long way to getting your healthy eating habits, successful and productive days at work. To get healthy meal plans delivered to your doorstep, be sure to subscribe to our diet meal plans to get the perfectly planned meals when you go to work. At Reuben’s Gourmet Meal Co., the foods are prepared fresh by a team of chefs who use only fresh and local produce. Furthermore, the menu changes weekly, so you have a variety of meals to change to satisfy your pallet. 

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