Areas We Serve

Northern Ireland is a gem of a destination and many people from all over the world flock there for holiday every year. But do you know what is even better than visiting this beautiful area? Living there. While every Irish city is undeniably beautiful, some are more lifestyle suitable than others. Here are the top 3 areas that are ideal for a lifestyle in Ireland.

Wherever in the country you decide to start your new life, know this – you could not have picked a more perfect setting for a wonderful living. Whether you are a student, retiree, or simply someone looking for a fresh start, making any of these areas your new home will be the best decision you ever made. Fulfilling, immersive, and welcoming, the lifestyle in Ireland that you are about to begin, will be the dream lifestyle that you have been searching for.

Reubens Gourmet Meals was also started in 1996 with a dream in mind to provide individuals with healthy and quality meals so that they can focus on fulfilling their dreams without stressing about what to cook for their next meal. Since then we have provided more than a thousand meals on weekly basis. Even during the tough times of COVID-19 Pandemic, the team at Reubens worked around the clock to provide meals to NHS frontline workers.

At Reubens, all the meals are prepared by a team of professional chefs and nutritionist, which are delivered at your doorstep in 3 different locations in Ireland:

If you also wish to opt for meal subscription service and not sure about what is the best plan for you, you can get in touch with us and we would be happy to assist you.